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Facebook Poll Winners: July-September 2020

October 30, 2020
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Over the past three months, we surveyed our Facebook friends and followers to discover some of their favorite design styles. We've enjoyed healthy debate on topics such as room layouts, knobs or levers, barn doors, and styles of a certain farmhouse sink. Read more about these below! 

microwave location

Microwaves are an appliance that has found new destinations in the kitchen with valuable countertop space being spared.  The options are pretty wide open but overall the in-island or cabinet mounted microwave [option C] was preferred.   

farmhouse sink

This poll was one of our most heavily voted polls this session. The stainless steel sink, although common, doesn't really hold that farmhouse charm that has recently gained popularity.  In the end, the plain farmhouse front [option B] beat out the fluted front of the farmhouse style sinks.  

knobs or levers

The knobs or levers discussion was robust, and there were some excellent insight shared from our loyal followers. Discussions centered around the practicality of both options as they pertain to children and pets, but the levers leveraged their way to victory in the end.  Changing out door hardware is actually a manageable project  for most homeowners to change out, so that you can truly customize your own doors the way you want. 


Lockers, cubbies and cabinets galore.  Cypress has done many different things within a mudroom space, and built-ins with shiplap and overhead cabinets [option A], the poll winner, can add some character to what was formally known as the entryway or back hall.  

Laundry room layout

Laundry rooms functionality and design has improved within homebuilding over the years. Pedestals underneath the appliances, a practical and modest change, can make these appliances more accessible.  Eventually, our poll winner [option B] included a sink and countertop space along the wall, with appliances and cabinets overhead on the adjacent wall. 

garage door style

This one wasn't that close. Although a garage door without windows "may" provide a bit of added security, garage doors with windows above can turn what often is a dark and dingy space into a functional and well-lit garage. In addition, the added architectural appeal of this modest upgrade goes a long way in improving curb appeal.

stair location

The location of the stairs is a massive consideration when designing a home and is a fundamental design aspect. Depending on your preference of open versus enclosed spaces, as well as where your living and sleeping quarters might be, your choice of design might depend on how the stairs are placed. Less space may be borrowed with split or "U-shaped" [option A] stairs, which ended up being the poll winner here. 

dining room lighting

Lighting components are customizable aspects to the character of the home, and easily interchangeable to add more light or design to a specific space.  Other considerations that didn't win here included an ovular drum style light and a chrome chandelier. The chosen winner here was was the geometric style [option B] that we've use in many recent builds. 

master vanity layout

The layout of a master bathroom is near and dear to the heart of many of our fans and build customers. It is a space that demands relaxation and function.  A few different vanity configurations were presented here, and the winner in the end was a duel- sink with square mirrors and shiplap finish behind [option C] . 

kitchen cabinet features

Lots of options here, and wow was this race close. The overhead plate organization [option A] with extra store was the eventual winner, but the key point to remember here is how we can incorporate so many different practical and new features to your cabinets.  And these features don't stop just at the kitchen, we've got ideas galore in regard to other cabinet spaces, whether it be built-ins for your great room or a powder room pedestal.  

showcase rooms

The Showcase we presented for the Brown County Homebuilders Association was our Ridgewood model, and the attendees were certainly impressed with the overall design of the house.  We chose three of the spaces from that showcase for this poll, and the master bathroom space [option B] with walk in shower and separate tub with beautiful dual-vanities was the clear winner. 

backsplash choices

Our in-house design team can find that perfect tile that complements your chosen countertops, cabinets, and trim. Some traditional ideas like subway tile can be beveled to create a completely different look.  Standard rectangular tile can be assembled in a herringbone pattern to create a unique look as well.  In the end though, the decorative lantern mosaic [option A] tile that we've used in many of our spaces was the fan favorite for this poll. 

barn door choices

A modern farmhouse tradition, the barn door, survived the facebook poll gauntlet. The character and history of a repurposed door [option C] was the eventual winner here, creating a unique talking point within the home.  The take home message though is that modern-farmhouse design ideas, such as these different approaches to barn doors, can be tactfully added to a space to give that true touch of charm. 

You can participate in future polls and see the latest from Cypress Homes by following us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/CypressHomesWI/.

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This post was written by Josh Sanders

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