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Facebook Poll Results: January, February, March

May 4, 2020
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Each month we ask our Facebook followers to give us their input on their favorite design styles. We've compiled a list of all the poll questions we asked in January, February, and March. We tallied up the results, so make sure to keep scrolling below to find out the poll winners from each category!

Pantry Door

Unsurprisingly, all doors in this poll had positive reactions, each for their own reasons. Some people like being able to see into their pantry, others like it to be completely closed off. Some people like a little frosted glass, which can be an easy DIY project if it didn't already come with that feature. 

Door C, the barn-inspired door, was the winner of this poll! 

Home style/stories

Many people don't actually know the difference between a 1.5-story home vs. a 2-story home. A 1.5-story home generally means that the master bedroom is on the first floor, with the rest of the bedrooms on the second floor. Similarly, a 2-story home means that all the bedrooms are on the second floor. Each style has it's own list of pros and cons. It all depends on the homeowner's lifestyle which one makes the most sense.

The winner of this pole was A, the ranch style! 

Carpet or hard Surface

It's a difficult decision, when building a home, whether to go with carpet or hard surface in your great room. A lot of people like hard surface because it looks nicer and cleans easier, but it doesn't provide the same comfort as carpet does. Especially with how cold Wisconsin winters can get, it can be nice to keep your feet warmer during the cold months. A great compromise would be to get a large area rug to get the best of both worlds. Plus, you can change it out every now and then to switch things up!

Hard surface flooring won this poll with 2/3 of the overall votes.

Tray or cathedral Ceilings

Opting for a tray or cathedral ceiling is great way to add character to your home. It can change the whole ambience of a room. Plus, you can even add other textures and features to your ceiling, such as shiplap, barn wood accents, wooden beams, or a coffered ceiling. 

In our poll, the tray ceiling received almost 2/3 of the total votes.

Stair configuration

The stairs to the second floor can have a big impact on the look and feel of the home. Option A is a great choice for those looking to open up the space between floors, while both B and C help to separate the space between the first and second floors.

The hands-down winner from this poll was  stair option C, from our Magnolia model! These stairs feature a switch-back design with a landing platform halfway up.  

Siding Color

The options for siding colors can seem almost endless. You can really customize your home and pick something that suits your style. Navy and other blue tones have become a popular choice for siding color recently. They add some richness to the exterior without being too flashy. 

Option C garnered an overwhelming amount of the votes in this poll. 

transom windows

A window transom is a great addition to a room, because it adds natural light while still allowing furniture space and privacy. Below are a few simple transom options, including separated squares, a simple rectangular window, or windows separated by dividers. 

The 3 separate squares of Option A, was the decided favorite with nearly 75% of the votes.

Bathroom vanity

With so many different styles and options nowadays, you can truly personalize the bathroom vanity for your powder room. Many vanities feature vessel style sinks, meaning that the sink is raised from the countertop.  All three options on our poll featured the vessel sink, with different cabinet styles underneath.

Vanity A won this poll, it features a rectangular vessel sink with a furniture-style vanity with dark stain and a rustic style posts.

Window Grill

Window grills are often a subtle detail many people overlook.  However, this detail can be a great finishing touch on the exterior of the home.

The winner of this poll was C, a more traditional "plus" style grill. 

Like us on Facebook to participate in future polls and see updates from our company. Also, if you're thinking about building but aren't sure where to start, we created the "4 Step Guide to Building a New Home." 

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