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November & December Facebook Poll Results

January 15, 2020
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Throughout November and December, we wanted to hear from our Facebook followers on their opinions of different design elements in the home.  We asked them to tell us their favorite office layout, pendant lighting, gable accent, island configuration, and fireplace mantel. We gain valuable insights from our Facebook followers with these polls and it helps us to better understand what our customers prefer. We appreciate the feedback and opinions that everyone has shared with us!

We have totaled up all of the likes and commenting votes to determine the winners for these five categories:

office layout

Having a quiet, functional, and private space to work at home is important, yet every person is different in the way that they are their most productive. The environment you're surrounded by can affect your thoughts and your mood, so being in a room that makes you feel calm and inspired can make a world of a difference. We polled our followers to see which office layout they preferred and most people agreed that B was their favorite. 

Option B comes from our Avalon home, featuring a "pocket office," nestled into a private area of the house. This room includes a built-in double desk which serves functionality in combination with beauty. This is such a simple feature you can add to your home that creates a big impact. 

pendant lighting

Choosing your pendant lighting is an exciting part of the home building process, because it's one of the finishing touches as your new home nears completion. You can choose lighting that seamlessly blends into the space or lighting that is bold and stands out. 

Below are the options we presented to our followers, and the majority of voters agreed that A was their favorite! This option gives an elegant touch to the space and would work in many different home styles. The runner up was option B, which conveyed a modern feel to the kitchen. 

Whichever option you go with, you can easily change it out in the future.  So if you decide that you want a change, just swap it out and change the feel of the space. 

gable accent

It's important to make a good first impression. The very first thing your guests will see is the front of your home, so it's a good idea to dress up the exterior. Adding a gable accent can really finish off the look of a home, differentiating it from other homes and giving it a unique style. Below are the options that we presented to our followers and collected the results. 

Option A was the apparent champion, with its beautiful and intricate design!

Kitchen island configuration

A kitchen island not only provides valuable space to cook, work, or enjoy a meal, but also creates a beautiful looking room and enhances the flow of the space. We are eager to work with our customers to create the perfect kitchen island and customize it to their unique taste. 

Our followers had strong opinions on this poll, with a close race between options B and C. Many people noted that they really liked B, but would rather do without the sink. Nearly the same amount of people voted for C and noted that they liked the full workspace. It came down to just one vote, but in the end C took the title as the overall favorite. 

fireplace mantel

A fireplace mantel can really affect the overall mood of the living room, and it's important to choose one that fits your style. That's why we have many different types of mantels to choose from.  Whether it's formal, rustic, modern, or craftsman, we'll help you find the right mantel for you. 

We polled three very different mantel styles, and the results showed a clear favorite among the choices:

A: Simple and practical craftsman style with dark stained wood

B: Classic, formal white mantel with clean, sharp lines

C: Rustic, reclaimed beam 

The obvious winner of this poll ended up being C, with the rustic, reclaimed beam. It's no surprise that this mantel gives off an inviting presence to the space, and provides a comforting ambience especially during the chilly winter months. 

Like us on facebook to participate in future polls and see updates from our company. Also, if you're thinking about building but aren't sure where to start, we created the "4 Step Guide to Building a New Home." 

Download your copy by filling out the form below:

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