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Winning Interior Design Styles – September 2019 Facebook Polls

October 15, 2019
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Did you participate in any of the interior design facebook polls we ran during the month of September? If so, we have officially tallied up all the votes and are announcing the results!

We polled 3 different interior design topics: Fireplaces, Door Styles, and Tile Showers. Click each link to be taken directly to the specific category results, or continue reading to see all the winners.

If you aren't already participating in these fun facebook polls, be sure to like us on facebook and start sharing your opinion.


The fireplace has always been a great place to make a design statement in your home. With all the different materials (shiplap, wood, stone, tile, mantels, hearths, etc) and layouts, we've been able to create some pretty unique fireplaces.

We picked 3 of our favorites and asked our followers to vote for the fireplace they liked best. It was a close race but the winner turned out to be one of the most popular fireplaces we've been building as of late: a stone surround with a white mantel and shiplap above.

Door Styles

We weren't sure if "Door Styles" was an interesting enough topic for our popular facebook polls, but we were pleasantly surprised by the impressive response! Apparently our facebook followers have strong opinions regarding door styles.

We decided to poll only the style of the door (not the stain or the color), hence all 3 options are shown painted white:

A. A classic 3 panel door.

B. Also a 3 panel but stacked vertically provides a bolder look.

C. A more intricate 2 panel featuring arched upper panels and a vertical pattern.

All three door styles received a number of votes but the majority of votes went to B. The 3 vertical panels.

Tile Showers

Who doesn't love to spoil themselves in an elegant and luxurious tile shower?  There are so many different tiles and patterns available to suit every unique taste. The most popular shower out of the three options we polled was the white subway tile with a transom window.

Like us on facebook to participate in future polls and see updates from our company. Also, if you're thinking about building but aren't sure where to start, we created the "4 Step Guide to Building a New Home." 

Download your copy by filling out the form below:

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This post was written by Brock Messner

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