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Winning Interior Design Styles – August 2019 Facebook Polls

September 16, 2019
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We regularly conduct interior design polls on our facebook page.  These facebook polls are fun ways for our followers to voice their interior design preferences. It also provides us great feedback regarding how to design our new homes in the future.

This month we asked about 5 different categories: Light Fixtures, Master Bathroom Layouts, Beverage Centers, Garage Doors, and Kitchen Islands. We totaled up all of the likes and commenting votes to determine the winners displayed below:

Light Fixtures

To be even more specific, we conducted this poll on light fixtures in master bedrooms with tray ceilings (the tray ceiling allows you the extra space needed to hang an impressive light fixture).  Now, it wasn't easy to choose which 3 light fixtures we were going to include in the poll; our interior designer has used hundreds of different bedroom light fixtures over the years. So we decided to include 3 unique fixtures that are all very different from each other. It was a tight race but "C" ended up with the most votes.

Master Bathroom Layout

The master bathroom has become a huge focus for Cypress Homes. We want our homeowners to have a a private master bathroom that provides functionality, luxury, and convenience.  This typically includes things like a tile shower, a double vanity, custom mirrors, and custom cabinetry.  This poll asked our followers which layout they prefer for the master bathroom.

The Carabelle bathroom has separate vanities across from each other and an arched entry takes you to the tile shower and toilet.

The Cottonwood has a longer but skinnier layout; the double vanity is side by side and there is a door providing even more privacy between the sinks and the tile shower. This plan also allows for a transom window above the double vanity and near the top of the tile shower.

The Magnolia plan separates all 3 bathroom elements: The double vanity with extra cabinetry to the ceiling is right at the entrance; the toilet is separated with a pocket door; lastly the tile shower is in same room as the sinks, however, the custom half wall and glass door provide some separation and a very distinct look!

We received a good number of comments and votes for all 3 bathrooms, but the Magnolia plan prevailed as the winner:

For more information, virtual tours, and full galleries for all three plans, click the buttons below:

Beverage Center

One popular feature in several of our home plans is the beverage center.  Whether you want a wine area, a coffee bar, or a beer fridge we can build you a home with a beverage center that suits your needs.

This poll asked about 3 different beverage center layouts; each has their own unique style. The winning Beverage Center came from our Cottonwood plan and featured a reclaimed wood back wall:

Garage Door

Our three most popular garage door colors are white, brown (wood-grain look), and tan.  In addition to the color, you can customize the pattern, windows, straps, and handles. You can go as custom as you want with the garage door, but we decided to survey three of the more traditional options.

We are not surprised to see that the wood-grain look with windows turned out to be a strong favorite amongst our facebook followers.

Kitchen island

The kitchen island has firmly established itself as a must have in today's new homes. It's just a matter of determining what type of countertop you want and whether or not the sink should go in the island, right? Actually...there is more to the kitchen island than you originally thought.

In this poll we asked about 3 different leg / structural island styles: Panel Side, Island Leg, or Furniture Style.  This poll was a close call but the "Panel Side" received the most votes:

Like us on facebook to participate in future polls and see other updates from Cypress Homes. Also, if you're thinking about building but aren't sure where to start, we created the "4 Step Guide to Building a New Home." 

Download your copy by filling out the form below:

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This post was written by Brock Messner

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