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8 Ceiling Styles You Should Consider When Building Your Next Home

April 12, 2019
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When you choose to build a home you have full control over the way your home will look. This includes featuring unique ceiling styles.  The possibilities for ceiling styles are nearly endless so we put together a list featuring 8 of our favorites:

8. Painted

Painting your ceiling a different color is probably the easiest way to accent the ceiling in your home. Many homeowners will go with white ceilings to help maximize the amount of light in a room. This provides a unique look especially against walls with a contrasting color; you could be even more ambitious and accent your ceiling with a bold color choice.

7. Vaulted

Vaulting is the traditional way to accent your ceiling and maximize height in any room.  The most common way to vault a ceiling is to mimic the roof line in any specific room.  Here’s a perfect example of a painted and vaulted ceiling in the great room of one of our custom builds:

Vaulted Ceiling Painted White

6. Raised

Many of our express plans feature raised ceilings. When raising a ceiling, you can simply increase the height throughout; for example build with 9 ft ceilings instead of 8.  To make a substantial impact, you could feature a 2 story, 18 ft ceiling like the impressive great room in our Cottonwood plan:

2 Story Great Room

5. Plaster Beams

Plaster beams provide a great amount of character on any ceiling. You can add plaster beams in almost any pattern for a classy touch on any ceiling.

Plaster Beam Ceiling Pattern

4. Wood Beams

Exposed Wood Beams provide a rustic farmhouse look that has proven to be a timeless design choice. You can choose to incorporate and expose structural beams if you build with that in mind but why stop there.  The look has become so popular that you can add wood beams to any room strictly for aesthetic purposes.

wood beam ceiling style

3. Angled Tray

Tray ceilings are most frequently built into master bedrooms. The extra height provided by a tray ceiling provides the necessary space for a majestic light fixture or ceiling fan. Going with an angled tray provides a sleek look in comparison to the bold, sharp edges of a step tray.

2. Step Tray

A step tray is more of a craftsman look compared to the angled tray ceiling. The straight square edges provide depth and character in this master bedroom:

1. Accented Tray

Our favorite ceiling styles right now is an accented tray ceiling. You can incorporate things like tile, wood, or shiplap into a tray ceiling for a completely distinctive appearance:

shiplap tray ceiling Wood Panel Tray Ceiling

The hardest part about incorporating unique ceiling styles is determining how the finished product will actually look. Will the ceiling compliment the rest of the decor and architecture in your home or will it stick out like a sore thumb? At Cypress Homes we feature unique ceiling styles in dozens of homes every year. In fact, all of the images featured in this blog are photos of homes built by Cypress.  We have a full-time interior designer on staff to help all of our customers feel confident in their design choices – including ceiling styles.

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This post was written by Greg Drusch

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