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7 Accent Wall Ideas to Transform Your Home

February 1, 2019
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Adding an accent wall is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make a statement in your home.  Contrasting even a single wall can make a big impact and break up the ordinary.  The options are truly endless, but here are 7 types of accent walls we’ve done recently.

1. Paint

Painting a wall is likely the easiest and most affordable option when it comes to accent walls. A gallon or two of paint and an afternoon of your time can completely spruce up the vibe in any room.  Choose a color that contrasts and compliments the current colors in the room. You could simply paint one wall a different color or choose to be a bit bolder with a two-tone pattern separated with a picture rail. You could even paint your own landscape or image on the wall (this idea is perfect for a kids room).

2. Wallpaper

Don’t let its 90’s reputation turn you off of the idea of using wallpaper to accent a wall in your home.  Today’s wallpaper is chic, classy, and relatively easy to install. Here’s an example from a custom ranch we built for one of our customers.

3. Shiplap

“Shiplap” has become one of the most popular construction trends over the past few years. Walls of painted white boards can create a stylish, farmhouse-inspired accent inside your home.

4. Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood or wood panels provide a rustic, yet timeless look. Wood provides warmth, texture, and an eye-catching accent that will be sure to impress your guests. You can accent a single wall with wood or choose to add these accents throughout your home.

5. Tile

Just like a kitchen backsplash, you can choose to use tile to accent a wall in any room of your house.  This option can be a bit pricier than paint or wallpaper, but it provides any room an instant upgrade in elegance.  It’s more durable and water resistant than other options, so it’s also great for rooms near water.  Here’s a great example in the bathroom of one of our custom homes.

6. stone or brick

Most people consider stone or brick an exterior material, but we are seeing it come inside the home more and more. The most common interior use for these masonry products is the fireplace, but why stop there? Here’s a great example of a dining room wall we accented with cultured stone.

7. Combination

When it comes to accent walls, you’d be surprised how well a combination of different materials can come together.  You can blend a few bold design choices to create something truly stunning. This custom master bathroom we did combines tile, reclaimed wood, and shiplap. It may sound like a lot, but the end result is spectacular. This bathroom is by far our most popular image on

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This post was written by Brock Messner

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