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Thanksgiving Traditions Quiz

November 22, 2011
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Cypress Homes and Realty wishes you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy each other’s company, the food, and of course, the football. Though this holiday is the perfect time to gorge out on delicious food, many of us don’t know much about the traditions of Thanksgiving! So, let’s test your knowledge on Thanksgiving! Take this short, 10 question quiz to see how much you know about this national holiday!

1. When did the first Thanksgiving take place?

A. 1776

B. 1696

C. 1621

D. 1492

2. What type of meat was not on the Pilgrim’s Thanksgiving table?

A. Beef

B. Lobster

C. Fish

D. Venison

3. In 1676, the holiday of Thanksgiving was proposed to occur in which month?

A. November

B. December

C. March

D. June

4. Which President did not want Thanksgiving to be a national holiday?

A. Washington

B. Jefferson

C. Lincoln

D. Chester A. Arthur

5. Which President decided to change the date of thanksgiving two times?

A. Jefferson

B. Hoover

C. Franklin Roosevelt

D. Theodore Roosevelt

6. Thanksgiving was once a week later, why was it moved back a week?

A. The public wanted it earlier

B. To make the Christmas shopping season longer

C. To ward off evil spirits

D. So it would occur during warmer weather

7. Where was the first turkey domesticated?

A. U.S.A.

B. U.K.

C. Russia

D. Mexico

8. Which founding father wanted to make the turkey our national symbol?

A. Benjamin Franklin

B. George Washington

C. John Hancock

D. William Penn

9. Which Native American tribe celebrated the first Thanksgiving with the pilgrims?

A. Sioux

B. Cherokee

C. Wampanog

D. Menominee

10. What percentage of families eats turkey on Thanksgiving in the U.S.?

A. 56{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14}

B. 80{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14}


D. 90{447216cae66a4d332ab0ac71eb11e27716218036a4f422ac40162b059a195e14}


1: C, 2: A, 3: D, 4:B, 5: C, 6: B, 7: D, 8: A, 9: C, 10: D

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This post was written by Greg Drusch

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